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Transportation Industry Articles - Freight Management and Transportation Consulting Services
  • One of the most enjoyable aspects of our work as consultants is that my colleagues and I have an opportunity to visit companies in a variety of industries. We typically are engaged to help businesses that have issues with freight management. While some of our clients may be best-in-class when it comes to manufacturing or retail, they are often not as skilled in managing freight transportation.Is your Transportation Strategy in Alignment with your Business Strategy?
The economy is improving slowly and this is pushing up costs. Motor carriers are experiencing cost increase pressures from higher fleet purchase prices, the shortage of qualified drivers, planned changes in Hoursof- Service, the impact of the US CSA program (e.g. culling unsafe drivers) and the more disciplined approach being taken by many carriers to add to their fleets (based on solid customer demand) and to allocate their assets to high-paying, loyal shippers. While this is a daunting list of cost increase pressures, there is much that enterprising shippers can do to mitigate cost increases or even reduce freight costs.  Here is my list.
America is facing a number of economic headwinds and tailwinds. Should America’s leadership come to a good understanding on tax increases and spending cuts, this will place the US – and probably Canada – on a more solid path to an economic recovery, even if 2013 is not expected to be a year of robust growth. This will help shippers and carriers in all sectors of the economy. Failure to reach agreement will put a damper on discretionary spending, consumer confidence and possibly shove North America and much of the world into recession.10 key trends in 2013
A recent Harvard Business Review article (“CEOs Need to Get Serious About Sales” by Ram Trichur, Maria Valdivieso de Uster, and Jon Vander Ark, July 10, 2012), argues that effective sales management is still overlooked by many CEOs – including trucking company CEOs. Here are a few thoughts on how to increase the productivity of a freight sales team.


  • Over the past several decades, offshoring has become a very popular supply chain strategy. The low costs of production in many Asian countries, combined with enhanced ocean shipping and improved North American intermodal services, have made this sourcing option very attractive to many manufacturers and retailers. The offshoring movement accelerated as companies in a variety of industries followed their competitors abroad and moved manufacturing jobs to other countries. The Great Recession was a further tipping point in the reduction of North American manufacturing jobs. Recent economic data suggest that manufacturing is slumping in the US and Canada, pulled down by drops in new orders and shipments.From Offshoring to Reshoring