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Transportation Industry Articles - Freight Management and Transportation Consulting Services
The improving job numbers provide further confirmation that an economic recovery is underway. The drop in commodity and fuel prices is likely a brief reprieve on the way to a further upswing in business growth. With rising demand, shippers are facing a broad array of challenges in 2011. A tightening transportation equipment supply is being triggered by driver shortages, new US government regulations and a reluctance of carrier executives to add capacity. This, coupled with rising freight rates and fuel surcharges, is causing shippers to revisit their freight transportation paradigms.

Freight rates are on the rise in 2011. These increases are being driven by a broad range of forces including tightening capacity, driver shortages, increasing fuel costs, government regulations, improved carrier costing systems and cost increases. To mitigate these increases, the onus is on shippers to do everything possible to skillfully manage their freight programs.

As economic indicators improve, there is growing interest among shippers and buyers of transportation services to re-start some of their infrastructural systems improvement projects that had been postponed due to cost-cutting. Improving inbound transportation practices is a major focus and one that often requires an effective TMS (Transportation Management System). A typical question is simply “What TMS should I buy?” 

One of the most frequently repeated lines in business is that you can only manage what you measure. This well known business principle applies just as well to freight transportation. To effectively manage freight transportation, there are a number of key data elements that need to be captured...

As shippers continue to face the challenges of capacity shortages, high fuel surcharges and upward pressure on freight rates, many are turning to freight bids to secure consistent capacity and rate stability.There are ahost of other variables that are encouraging shippers to move in this direction...