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"We discover ways to consolidate freight, select pool points and create network efficiencies to reduce costs and optimize supply chain effectiveness."

Network Optimization - Freight Management and Transportation Consulting Services

Freight Network Optimization

Reduce costs through effectively consolidating and pooling freight

Cost savings come from consolidating small orders into larger ones, creating pool or integration points to create economies of scale and using the most cost effective mix of transportation and distribution facilities.

Our understanding of the transportation industry gives us valuable insight that can greatly help your organization. If you maintain purchasing and transportation as different cost centres, we evaluate opportunities to create round trips and leverage the combined volumes.  In cases where freight allowances are provided to certain customers, we evaluate the trade-off between paying the freight costs versus shipping prepaid.  We seek out and identify all viable opportunities to improve efficiencies.

Benefits to our Customers include:

  • Improved route planning
  • Utilization of more cost effective modes of transport without a degradation in service
  • Identification of the most cost effective freight network strategy
  • Data based opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs
  • Elimination of customer subsidies on freight transportation