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"Our multifaceted approach examines a shipper’s current freight management processes and identifies opportunities for Best Practices and cost savings."

Transportation Management

Transportation Management Consulting

You can trust the team at DG&A to perform a comprehensive audit of your freight transportation program. We identify, quantify and rank a list of cost savings opportunities based on impact, time to complete, payback period and other variables. As part of the audit we will:

  • Examine all transportation processes
  • Assess transportation planning and order management
  • Investigate loading, pallet configurations and cube utilization
  • Look at technology used, data quality and KPI management
  • Review current line haul and delivery processes

As a part of our transportation management consulting process, our research includes face to face interviews with your key transportation and supply chain management personnel; administration of a transportation strategy and technology questionnaire, site visits to plants and distribution centres and a careful review of your company’s shipping data. We can also work closely with you to ensure an effective implementation.

Benefits to our Customers include:

  • Identification of wasteful and inefficient processes
  • Identification of “quick wins”
  • Recommendations on Best Practices
  • Identification of opportunities to make more effective use of technology
  • An outline of opportunities to improve organizational effectiveness and employee morale
  • Cost saving and service enhancing strategies
If you're interested in our transportation management consulting services, please contact us.